Our GAFAM free concept

Self-hosting and swiss private sovereign cloud

Self-hosting user critical data in one's own sovereign cloud has become a popular trend among companies that prioritize the privacy and security of their users. One country that has emerged as a leader in this area is Switzerland, known for its strict privacy laws and reputation as a safe haven for data. Our company has taken this approach and has chosen to host our user critical data in a sovereign cloud located in Switzerland, using open-source architecture to ensure the strictest levels of user privacy.

The first advantage of self-hosting user critical data in a sovereign cloud is the increased control and visibility that companies have over their data. This approach allows our company to ensure that the data is stored and managed in a way that complies with our own privacy and security policies, as well as local regulations. Additionally, our company can monitor the data and detect any potential security breaches or threats.

The second advantage of self-hosting user critical data in Switzerland is the country's robust privacy laws. Switzerland is known for having some of the most strict and comprehensive privacy regulations in the world, which provides an additional layer of protection for our users' data. This gives our users peace of mind that their data is being handled responsibly and securely.

Finally, using open-source architecture to design our cloud infrastructure is an added advantage for the privacy and security of our user's data. The open-source code can be audited, evaluated and reviewed by various parties and this helps ensure that the system is built on transparency, security and privacy. Also, It has no vendor lock-in and allows for easy scalability, which means that as our company and user base grow, our cloud infrastructure can easily adapt to accommodate the increased data volume.

No Google tracking of visitors to our website

Our website guarantees the confidentiality and privacy of users by not using Google Analytics tracking, social network tracking, Google Maps, or other types of trackers. In addition, our videos are not hosted on Youtube, which avoids advertising and tracking during viewing. This greatly improves the browsing experience for users by reducing the risk of tracking and ad targeting and also enhances the security of the site.

Privacy 2.0

In conclusion, our company's decision to self-host user critical data in a sovereign cloud located in Switzerland, using open-source architecture provides an unparalleled level of privacy and security for our users. This approach allows us to maintain complete control over our data and ensures that it is stored and managed in compliance with the strictest privacy laws in the world. It also opens up various benefits of open-source architecture that ensures the infrastructure is secure, transparent and easy to scale.