Extract from an interview with G. Depardieu about his work with Dr Tomatis

Depardieu and Dr A. Tomatis

In this video, Gérard Depardieu shares his personal experience with the Tomatis Method and its impact on his speech and communication skills.

He explains that when he first arrived in Paris at 17 years old, he was an illiterate, stuttering, hyper-emotional individual, with only a few words with which he could express himself.

He had difficulty in expressing himself and when he did a short film, Alcibiade and Socrate, Jacques Doniol-Valcroze had to dub him. However, the theatre class of Jean-Laurent Cochet saved him. It helped him discover Musset, Marivaux, Corneille and taught him the importance of staying silent in the spotlight.

Cochet also introduced him to Dr. Alfred Tomatis, who worked on the connection between language and hearing and discovered that he had hearing problems.

Through the Tomatis Method and its use of specially filtered music to stimulate the ear muscles and auditory cortex, Depardieu was able to improve his speech and communication skills, control his hyper-emotivity and develop his memory.

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