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At the Tomatis center in Geneva, we offer a variety of services to help you improve your daily life. Get to know the method, treatment protocol, our audio-psycho-phonological assessment, get help from our association, and consult our directory of resources. Whether you're looking to improve your singing ability, address autism, or overcome any other difficulty, our team is here to help you. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information about our services or to schedule a consultation today.

The Tomatis Centre website offers information and guidance for those curious about the Tomatis Method

Welcome to the Tomatis Centre website!  Let us guide you.

Welcome to the Tomatis Centre website. Whether you have stumbled upon us by chance or are searching for a solution to a specific problem, we are here to guide you. The Tomatis Method is a sensory and motor stimulation of the listening function that can improve brain performance and address a variety of issues. Explore our website to learn more about the method and how it can help you.

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Training the auditory system improve cognitive functions

All about the Tomatis Method

The Tomatis method is a sensory stimulation technique that improves listening and brain stimulation. The method uses devices specially designed to perform repeated listening sessions and gradually help the brain better analyze the sensory message. The Tomatis effect, which creates a unique sound perceptive contrast, causes the tension and then the loosening of the ear muscles. This can improve personal development and change one's life.

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Meet Bruno the brains, Our Friendly Mascot for the Tomatis Method

But who's Bruno the brains, our mascot?

Bruno the brains is our mascot, a friendly brain character that represents the Tomatis Method, which is aimed at both children and adults. He was created by our favorite graphic designer, Damien Vaney, in March 2017 and was named after a colleague who passed away.
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Online Consulting Services for the Tomatis Method

Our online consulting services allow individuals to benefit from the Tomatis Method from anywhere. We offer a free information session and an assessment in lieu of an audio-psycho-phonological assessment for those who are abroad, unable to travel, or geographically distant from a Tomatis centre.
tomatis at home

Enjoy the Tomatis Method from the Comfort of Your Own Home

Experience the benefits of the Tomatis Method from the comfort of your own home with our home delivery service. We also offer remote monitoring and processing for individuals who live too far away or in another country, including a full interview by videoconference and sending our TalksUp® pocket-sized electronic ear for listening sessions.

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Accessing Social and School Aids for Children with Developmental Disabilities in Geneva, Switzerland

Useful addresses

Accessing social and school aids for children with developmental disabilities in Geneva, Switzerland can be a confusing process. Our guide provides information on where to go for consultations, specialized pedagogy, and accredited institutions. We also provide contact information and websites to make it easier for parents to get the help their child needs

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The Audio-Psycho-Phonologic Assessment

Audio-psycho-phonological assessment

The audio-psycho-phonological assessment is a test that evaluates an individual's listening posture and hearing curve, it is similar to a traditional hearing test but focus on the active aspect of the ear, it is used as the starting point for Tomatis treatment to understand the individual's needs and the best approach to take.

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Learn about foundations and associations such as the Foundation Hans Wildorf and Pro Infirmis

Help for those who need it most

At the Tomatis Centre, we understand that the cost of the Tomatis method may be a concern for some. That's why we offer several financial assistance options to help those in need. These include getting help from foundations or associations such as the Foundation Hans Wildorf or Pro Infirmis, getting help from social services, or getting help from our own non-profit association which can cover up to 30% of the treatment cost. Eligibility criteria apply, and we will determine together when we have established the treatment protocol.

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Rehab at home or on site?

Do you do your rehab on the spot or at home?

Technological advances have led to the device we use today, the TalksUp®. Produced by the company Tomatis Développement, it is the legitimate and current heir of the electronic ear. Easy to use, intuitive, portable and portable, it allows you to get the most out of your listening session. So when asked the question - should you do the treatment at the center or at home - the answer is simple, you decide! Here are the pros and cons to help you make your choice."

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