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No matter your age, there are many ways to improve your daily life with the Tomatis method. Take the first step towards a better life and schedule a consultation today!

Baby Bruno

Accompany pregnancy

Are you pregnant or planning to become pregnant? The Tomatis® method is the perfect companion to help you and your baby during this special time. Our unique music therapy program is designed to promote relaxation for the mother-to-be and improve the sensory development of your child.

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The musical ear and Dr A. Tomatis

Developping the musical ear

If a person is found to have deregulations in their musical ear, through a listening test, the Tomatis method provides an educational approach to improve musical sensitivity, accuracy and precision in analysis and instrumental playing and appreciation of the beauty of musical works or interpretive quality.

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Don't let your shyness slow down your career, make an appointment with our coach now

Public speaking

The quality of your voice, including its timbre, pitch, and overall sound, is not just dependent on your training, but also on your ability to hear. When you have difficulty speaking in public, you may think about taking a course in theater, improvisation, or voice training, but these steps alone may not be enough to achieve the desired results in terms of clarity and self-confidence. The Tomatis® method addresses this problem by working on both reception and sound transmission to offer a complete vocal audio work that effectively acts on communication.

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Learning and language problems

According to the work of Dr. A. Tomatis, dys disorders are associated, among other things, with a deficit of the vestibular integrator which does not do its job properly. In other words, dys people have difficulty with the notions of verticality, laterality, kinetics and statics (acceleration, braking and stopping). These are all notions that are largely based on information coming from the vestibular system, and which are necessary in most of the learning impacted by dys disorders.

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Our singer's rehab program

Singing voice enhancement

The Tomatis method, developed by otolaryngologist Alfred A. Tomatis, is based on the principle that any modification of the mechanisms concerning the reception and analysis of a sound message will have consequences on how we reproduce that message. By using bone conduction to regulate the perceived sound vibration, the Tomatis method can improve self-listening and in turn, improve the quality of the voice, whether spoken or sung.

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ADHD and ADD can be treated with the Tomatis and Giger therapies

Attention deficit disorders

Attention is the ability to select and maintain in consciousness an external event or thought. It corresponds to a general state of alertness and vigilance that allows the nervous system to be receptive to any form of information that reaches it. Attention disorders concern children or adults who cannot remain concentrated for sufficiently long periods on a task, even if it requires little intellectual effort and is routine or familiar (e.g. revision or copying work).

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Discover how learning a foreign language can boost your career and enrich your life today

Foreign language learning

The Tomatis method aims to give people who want to learn a new language the ability to truly master the rhythms and sounds of that language by allowing their ears to adapt effectively to them. This process involves freeing oneself from the rhythmic and sound habits of one's native language, which can often have a negative impact on the language being learned. Unlock new opportunities and enrich your life by learning a foreign language!

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Improve your coordination with our combination of methods

Psychomotor disorders

Individuals with psychomotor disorders may struggle with muscle tone, coordination, balance, and posture, making even everyday tasks difficult. They may also experience difficulties with initiating or inhibiting movements, leading to impulsivity and hyperactivity. Furthermore, these disorders can also manifest in emotional and behavioral symptoms, such as difficulties with self-regulation and controlling emotions.

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Is your child autistic or on the spectrum? The Tomatis method gives very good results after only a few weeks.

Autism and developmental delay

The difficulties of people with autism or late development affect many areas, especially those that require or cause contact with the environment. These are severe and early disturbances, characterized by delays and alterations in the development of the capacities of social, cognitive and communication interactions.

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Find relief from stress and anxiety and improve your mood with our music therapy

Stress and anxiety management

Just as exercising will cause a natural loosening of certain chemicals, such as endorphins and neurotransmitters, regularly stimulating his brain through music will contribute to the release of dopamine and serotonin, which give pleasurable sensations and that contribute to increase positive emotions.

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Filtered music can be effective in reducing symptoms of depression and burnout

Affective and emotional disorders

Many people have experienced, or currently experience, depression or burnout. One treatment option that has been shown to provide effective help is the use of filtered music. This treatment method involves using specially filtered music to target specific areas of the brain associated with emotional regulation and stress reduction.

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