Julien Frère

Julien Frère - Tomatis Consultant

Consultant in audio-psycho-phonology (Tomatis method)

As a management and counseling professional with 12 years of experience teaching psychology and attachment theory for adults, 15 years of experience in counseling and psychotherapy, and 30 years of experience in business development and management, I am a skilled and experienced professional in the field.

I am also a Tomatis® Method professional, trained in Paris and Montpellier, and specialize in providing appropriate solutions to help clients achieve their goals through the use of this method.

My skills include management and leadership, counseling and psychological support, expertise in audio-psycho-phonology, human anatomy, osteopathy, children development, attachment theory, brain development, micronutrition, inner ear pathologies and function and neurosciences.

Additionally, I am a counselor in psychology and social field.