But who's Bruno the brains, our mascot?

Meet Bruno the brains, Our Friendly Mascot for the Tomatis Method
You may have noticed our mascot, a brainy, jovial brain that proudly sits next to our center's name. He changes his appearance according to the fields of application of the Tomatis Method, but also changes his clothes according to the seasons or even current events.

Bruno was born in March 2017, under the sharp pencil of our favourite graphic designer, Damien Vaney. Our specifications: a mascot, friendly, in connection with the Tomatis method, which is aimed at children as well as adults.

bruno the brain

Damien's first pencil strokes

At the beginning, we started with the word "Tomatis", so Bruno would be a ... tomato! But finally, not very convinced, we opted for a brain. More logical, no?

The Tomate-is mascot!
The Tomate-is mascot!

The "brain" option was not very convincing at first glance. Not easy to catch the brain shapes, too popcorn, too sausage or too academic. And pink, really?

bruno the brain

In the end, it was by mixing the two approaches that Bruno took his final shape. Better in blue, right?

bruno the blue brain

Once the mascot was created, all that was left to do was to baptize her. Bruno arrived quite quickly, first he rhymes with brain, and few names end in "o". Then it's short, easy to remember. And finally, it's a wink - a tribute to another Bruno who worked in advertising, and who left us a bit too soon. Today, it's also under his name that our employees answer you in LiveChat, our online support system.