Cognitive degeneration

Cognitive degeneration, such as Alzheimer's disease, can cause severe memory loss and cognitive impairments. Take the necessary steps to protect your brain as you age.

As humans, we have the ability to communicate with each other, to acquire new knowledge, to remember events and much more.

We owe all this to our cognitive functions which are essential to our functioning such as

  • intellectual functions
  • executive functions
  • visuospatial functions
  • language functions
  • attention
  • memory
  • gnosias
  • praxis
  • speed of information processing

With age, these cognitive functions age and lead to cognitive alterations that are normal and common. As we age, our cells no longer regenerate in the same way, which leads to a psychomotor slowdown, i.e. less flexible and slower movements. In addition, complex tasks become more difficult to perform. The neuronal capacities are also altered with time.

Sometimes, however, the individual does not only suffer from normal ageing, but also from cognitive disorders.
When a mild cognitive disorder is triggered, there is a progressive decline in cognitive abilities in one or more areas, but without altering the individual's autonomy. In contrast, a major cognitive disorder impacts on the autonomy of the person, who is unable to manage the tasks of daily life.

Cognitive disorders can be caused by a number of things, such as head trauma, stroke, malnutrition or eating disorders, depression or multiple sclerosis.

Are there any solutions to these cognitive disorders to regenerate brain capacity?
Yes, it is possible to regenerate these capacities by regenerating cells. This is what we propose with our Activate Brain helmet. The plasticity of the human brain allows, contrary to popular belief, neurogenesis. This can happen thanks to the infrared light emitted by the helmet on the skull. In particular, it improves cognitive and emotional dimensions, short-term memory and attention.

Infrared light has many benefits to offer, so don't wait any longer and make an appointment!

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