The Activate Brain™ headset

Improve your focus with our new headset

Therapy with the Activate Brain™ headset: non-invasive, painless and athermal.

Transcranial laser therapy using low-level infrared radiation will specifically supply the brain with light energy (photons). Unlike other wavelengths, infrared light is able to penetrate bones.

The light energy transmitted in this way is absorbed by the different types of cells that make up the brain. This stimulation improves cellular respiration, which leads to various positive intracellular effects.

Our specialist Julien Frère explains the treatment and how it works in the video below.

What are the benefits of this innovative therapy on brain disorders?

  • Short-term stimulation: increased cellular energy (ATP), improved blood and lymphatic flow, better cerebral oxygenation, and reduced edema.
  • Neuroprotective effect: regulation of anti-apoptotic proteins, less excitotoxicity, more antioxidants, less inflammation.
  • Brain regeneration: neurotrophins, neurogenesis and synaptogenesis.

We use the Activate Brain headset primarily for children diagnosed with ADHD, with or without psychostimulants. It is also possible to use it for elderly people, to limit brain degeneration (senility, neurodegenerative diseases, etc.).

This treatment is safe, painless, and easy to administer, making it an ideal alternative to traditional treatments for ADHD and cognitive impairment. With the Activate Brain headset, children can achieve better focus, attention, and impulse control, and have an overall better quality of life.

The Activate Brain Headset
Our Activate Brain™ headset to overcome ADHD and cognitive disorders without psychostimulants

Our results in the field

The results on children/adolescents with ADHD are very encouraging. We invite you to read the testimony of Julie, 14 years old, who benefited from this revolutionary treatment. She suffers from ADHD with strong impulsivity and was treated with psychostimulants. Now, she can do without them and feels much better!

Julie's testimony is available here

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