Foreign language learning

Discover how learning a foreign language can boost your career and enrich your life today
Foreign language learning

Knowing a second language can boost your career by opening doors to new job opportunities, expanding your professional network, and increasing your earning potential. Learning a new language also allows you to understand and appreciate different cultures, and to communicate with people from all over the world.

Despite a dedicated effort and immersion with native speakers, one may still face difficulties in learning a foreign language. See how the Tomatis method unique approach can help.

Language acquisition in children

During its development, the child will have to both select the sound elements compatible with his linguistic environment, and neglect to hear those who are absent from the phonetic structures that he perceives in his usual Entourage: he will be linguistic coding by adjusting to the sound structures of its own language. But this coding, because it is specific to each language, will quickly be a hindrance to learning a foreign language since it does not conform to the sound patterns of the mother tongue internised from infancy. Thus, a language is first a music, i.e. a set of specific rhythms and sounds. These rhythms and sounds constitute the fundamental sound substrate on which all other acquisitions (lexical, syntactic, semantic) will be grafted.

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The testimonial of Julien

Initially, my expectations of the Tomatis® method had nothing to do with foreign languages. Indeed, I do well enough in English, and I did not feel the need for help. However, what was not my surprise, after the second session, to note that my understanding of English had greatly improved, particularly with regard to the various English accents. Suddenly, I understood without difficulty, both the Texan and the Australian, as if I came, without special effort, to hear the "music" peculiar to each accent.

The purpose of the Tomatis® method is to give any person wishing to learn a foreign language, the possibility of genuinely appropriating his rhythms and sounds by allowing the ear to adapt effectively to the latter, in order to be able to analyse and reproduce them. This work consists in freeing itself from the rhythmic and sound habits of its own language, the latter exerting an often negative action on the language to learn.

Linguistic bandwidths

Different languages frequencies by Dr A. Tomatis

The advice of your Tomatis® consultant

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