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We recommend that you start the Tomatis music therapy program during your pregnancy to ensure the best possible outcome for you and your baby. 

Accompagny pregnancy with tomatis method

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The Tomatis® Method is known for its relaxing effects on the brain by regulating the links between the vestibule and the cochlea. As the mother's voice is perceived by the fetus, it is important that it is pleasant for the baby. Moreover, the mother's voice is - according to A. Tomatis - a kind of primordial affective substance that is crucial for the child's development.

For example, the bone conduction of sounds used by the Tomatis headset will cause the music to be emitted in all the bones of the body, and then to be felt by the fetus.

This will guarantee his sensory development, allowing him to be in contact with Mozart's music from the very first months of his life.

Did you know that in Florida, a law was passed, forcing children to listen to Mozart for half an hour a day? To learn more, read this very interesting article published in psychologies magazine.

You can consult Annaëlle's testimonial. She's mother for almost 10 months and tells you about her experience with Tomatis music therapy during her pregnancy.

According to a study carried out in 1988 by the maternity service of the general hospital of Vesoul, the results obtained were very conclusive. It was carried out on 170 pregnant women divided into 3 groups (without preparation, traditional preparation and psycho-sensory preparation in Audio-Psycho-Phonology).

Table from the Vesoul study

Babies whose mothers had undergone psycho-sensory preparation had higher than average birth weights (+4%), and Apgar scores also showed that they had faster and better recovery than other babies.

The phenomenon of anxiety reduction or the relaxation effect obtained with the Tomatis Method was observed using the Hamilton anxiety scale.

It is generally normal to experience an increase in stress upon the arrival of the birth, but according to studies on the psycho-sensory method, the anxiety rate decreases significantly.

Here are some excerpts from "l'Est Républican" concerning the study in Vesoul.

Article by André MOISSE in Vésoul - EstRepublican
Article by André MOISSE in Vésoul - EstRepublican

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