The testimonial of Michel, professional opera singer

See how specialized listening exercises can improve singing

Testimonial received on 22.2.2017

My name is Michel, I am a professional opera singer. Following a professional audition during which I sang out of tune without realizing it, I decided to contact the Tomatis practice in Geneva.

Mr. Julien Frère, gave me an assessment which proved to be very useful, as it showed many of the problems I had without knowing it.

I decided to start the therapy and to be honest I didn't believe in it at all, I told myself that before thinking about a possible reconversion I had to try everything and I was not disappointed.

The day of my third passive home session I had a performance at the opera in the evening and what a surprise it was when I opened my mouth on stage that night, I had never heard myself like that in my life, everything was balanced whereas before there was a void on the side of my right ear but I didn't know it.

It was like going from mono to Dolby Surround 7.1, or more!

Michel, Geneva, Switzerland.

The Tomatis method and singing

The Tomatis Method is a method of voice and ear training developed by Dr. Alfred Tomatis. It is based on the idea that the ear plays a key role in the development of speech and language, and that by training the ear, individuals can improve their ability to hear and produce speech, including singing.

The Method utilizes specific sound frequencies, called "high frequencies," to stimulate the ear and improve the listener's ability to hear and process sound. This is done through the use of electronic filters and specialized listening exercises, including singing exercises.

The purpose of the method is to improve the listener's ability to hear high-pitched sounds and to improve the listener's ability to produce these sounds. It's also claimed to help with pitch, tone, rhythm and also help to reduce stage fright and improve overall voice control and resonance.