Does Tomatis progress last?

Does the progress made during Tomatis sessions last?

Yes, the progress made during Tomatis sessions lasts because it is not based on conditioning, but on restoring balance. The reasons for consulting a Tomatis center may vary, but they all correspond to a dysfunction or state of neurophysiological non-equilibrium. The work under the electronic ear aims to bring the individual back to a state of equilibrium, which requires less effort than any other dysfunctional situation. In most cases, progress made during sessions is not only maintained but can also be continued once the evolutionary process has been restored to normality.

How the brain stores new learnings

From a neuroscience perspective, the process of learning and memorization involves changes in the structure and function of nerve cells in the brain. When new information is encountered, the brain creates new connections between nerve cells, a process known as neuroplasticity. These new connections allow the brain to process, store and retrieve the new information more efficiently. The Tomatis method works by stimulating the auditory cortex, which is responsible for processing sound. By restoring balance to the auditory system, the method enables the brain to process sound more efficiently, which leads to improved listening abilities. As the brain stores this new learning, it can be easily retrieved and used in the future.

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