Why do sessions intensively?

Just like learning to play the guitar, your brain needs to be told things over and over again to memorise them.

The mechanism of learning

Source: https://apprendreaeduquer.fr/les-4-piliers-lapprentissage-dapres-les-neurosciences/

The automation of knowledge is essential. Automation is the act of moving from conscious, effortful processing to automated, unconscious processing.

When we learn something new, our brain resorts to explicit processing, i.e. a situation, or rather a stage where the prefrontal cortex is strongly mobilized by attention.

The culmination of learning is the "transfer of the explicit to the implicit": it is the automation of knowledge and procedures. This automation is achieved through repetition and training. It frees up space in the prefrontal cortex to absorb new learning.

It is essential to repeat newly acquired knowledge:

  • To memorize information, our brain needs at least three passages,
  • to integrate a new habit, it needs 21 days.

Intensive sessions with Tomatis®.

Listening under electronic ear will allow you to integrate a new listening posture, a new way of listening and communicating. It is therefore a learning process, and this is why it is necessary to do at least 2 weeks of listening. Depending on the nature of the problem to be treated, the age of the subject, his motivation, his availability, we will propose between two to three times 2 weeks of listening.