Hakim's progress delights his school teacher... and his mother!

Hakim's school performance has improved dramatically

Very nice testimony that we received today from the mother of Hakim. An email titled "you are our miracle", and these few words:

This is the fruit of your support and your Super method that really relieved me and help Hakim to advance and gain confidence in him his results make me warm in the heart thanks a thousand times for your listening your kindness and your big heart looking forward to seeing you again Excellent day 🍀🌷🕊

It must be said that it was not won with Hakim, a little boy of 7 years, full of life, who had problems of concentration, difficulty in mathematics, in French,... to remain attentive and to respect the instructions! His mother also sent us an excerpt from his school newsletter, the mistress also is very satisfied with her progress.

Extract from Hakim's school report. 3x 13 days of treatment over 5 months was enough to obtain these results.

This is a great success for a request where the parents wanted to help their child without medicalizing it. Bravo to Hakim for his progress!

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