Testimonial of Paula with vertigo, hearing loss and tinnitus

Overcoming Inner Ear Problems: One Patient's Success Story with Tomatis Treatment

I came to the Tomatis center following the questionnaire I took on their site concerning a vestibular sensitivity. Indeed, I have inner ear problems with severe dizziness that occurs especially when lying down and when changing position.

It started in April 2019, one morning when I woke up, before that I never had any problems. I went to my ENT who prescribed Betahistine, 2 tablets a day. The dizziness has decreased, but it is still there. I am also very anxious and I am afraid of developing meniere's disease.

I must also tell you that I have tinnitus, and sometimes a blocked ear sensation. My ENT confirmed a hearing loss in my right ear. I have also had an MRI which did not indicate anything problematic.

The first question I asked Mr. Brother was "should I stop my medication? Because my biggest fear was that I would stop it, and the dizziness would return. He told me that it would not be necessary, and that I could try my luck once the treatment was over. So I continued to take my medication for the duration of the treatment at the center.

After arranging to sleep at a friend's house, I came to do my treatment every day, for half an hour a day. You don't feel anything in particular, except for a little heat.

Two weeks and 10 sessions later, I felt better, the dizziness had already diminished, so much so that I dared to stop my treatment. To see... and nothing happened! No dizziness! This is a great relief.

Today, one and a half months later, I went back for a control test. I must specify that I have not taken the medication since the end of July. I don't feel dizzy anymore, I feel well anchored in the ground, I still have a very slight floating sensation. When Mr. Frère presented me with the results, he told me that for him, there is no longer any hearing loss. Indeed, I realized that before, when I was watching television, I was turning up the sound, now it is not the case anymore.

The tinnitus is still there, but less present, I don't think about it anymore and that's fine.

Testimonial of Paula with vertigo, hearing loss and tinnitus

Note: to preserve the anonymity of our patients, we use a fictitious first name and a pretext photo. Laser phototherapy treatment, as a complement to the Tomatis method is exclusive to the Tomatis Centre Geneva (not available in any other Tomatis centre).