Tomatis Method Helps Kevin Regain Confidence: A Mother's Perspective

Kevin's is more assertive now

Kevin's mother testimonial

I came to the Tomatis Center Geneva in August 2018 for my son, Kevin, 14 years old. His last year at the cycle d'orientation (=college) was not going very well and we realized that his academic difficulties were related to a lack of attention and concentration. Problems related to memory, speech, balance and coordination were also present.

The first listening session went very well, Kevin was very receptive even though classical music was not really his favorite genre and he found the headphones a little uncomfortable. He needed time alone to do the treatment and not be disturbed. He engaged in creative activities (models, paper toys, Lego...) to keep himself occupied during the listening sessions.

As a result of this first program, we worked with a Forbrain device between sessions, and that's when Kevin really noticed the positive effects of the treatment. In a relatively short period of time, he made great progress in his schoolwork, especially in all subjects that involved a lot of memorization. It was much easier for him to memorize vocabulary, for example, and he understood the meaning of the words he was reading. This progress allowed him to regain his self-confidence and started a virtuous cycle. A pleasant surprise accompanied these good results: his school accepted our request that he be able to take his notes on a computer, in order to "free" him from writing. His teachers were also pleased to see his behavior evolve, they felt he was more present, his attention was stronger and he was less disruptive in class.

In addition to the results we have seen in the school, we have also noticed an evolution in his balance and coordination. Kevin has taken up mountain biking and has quickly gained confidence in himself. He is now very involved in this hobby.

After a two-month integration break, Kevin started his second listening session. In general, this one went better than the first one, Kevin was much more absorbed in what he was doing and didn't see the time pass. The treatments structured his day well and afterwards his academic progress continued to be felt, he continued to get good feedback from his teachers.

He still has difficulty with foreign languages because he feels shy about expressing himself, but he is dropping out less and is much more focused in class.

After another 3 months of integration, we started the third listening session which went very well, Kevin was really autonomous to manage his program. In general, we have noticed that he has found it much easier to take charge of his life and make time for his work.

His future at school seems less closed than before, he has started to look for an apprenticeship for the beginning of the school year in the field of car mechanics and has gained enough confidence in himself to pick up the phone and approach garages.