How long on average for a Tomatis treatment?

How long on average for a Tomatis treatment?
Before starting, the question you should ask yourself is how long the treatment should last. This depends on the objective to be achieved and the problem, but not only.

How long does a Tomatis rehabilitation last?

When considering a Tomatis rehabilitation, it is crucial to understand the underlying problem that is leading you to seek treatment. The protocol used by Tomatis centers can vary depending on the specific issue being addressed, such as improving singing ability or addressing autism.

How long is the treatment?

The duration of treatment can be measured in hours, but it is more commonly measured in listening sessions. Each session typically lasts 10-13 days, with one hour and a half of daily listening through electronic ear. The number of sessions required can range from one to four, depending on the individual's needs. These sessions can take place at a Tomatis center or at home.

The initial two sessions should be scheduled with a gap of 3-4 weeks between them, followed by an interval of 2-3 months between the second and third sessions, and 6 months between the third session and any subsequent sessions.

In conclusion, for a standard protocol of three listening sessions, it is generally necessary to allow for approximately 4-5 months between the start of the first session and the completion of the third session, including any scheduled break periods for integration of the new information.

Is it necessary to complete all listening sessions before seeing results?

Results from the Tomatis method can be noticed from the first session, and progress will continue to be made as additional sessions are completed.