Hard of hearing and hearing aids

Hearing aids can be better accepted with our treatment

You have a beginning of hearing loss, it is not enough to make you sail, but enough to diminish your quality of life. It is possible to act, thanks to the Tomatis method®

Hard of hearing

We assess your listening potential with a Audio-psycho-phonological assessment, then we offer you a personalized treatment under electronic ear. This will improve your listening ability, targeting sounds in noisy environment, and regain the pleasure of hearing.

If you're experiencing difficulty adjusting to your hearing aids, you're not alone. This is a common issue among hearing aid users, but waiting for you to get used to it may not be enough. That's why we offer a specific treatment program using filtered music. This program is designed to help you adjust to your hearing aids and improve your overall listening ability.

Hearing aids
In many cases, wearing hearing aids requires a period of adjustment, but sometimes this is not enough.

Our treatment program is based on the Tomatis® method, which is a proven and effective approach to auditory therapy. Our team of experts will work with you to create a personalized treatment plan that addresses your specific needs and concerns. With our program, you can regain control of your auditory pattern and enjoy the sounds of life again. Don't let hearing difficulties hold you back any longer, contact us today to learn more about our treatment program and start your journey to better hearing.

Our treatment is supported by a recent study conducted at the Queen's University in Canada. Read our article "Hard of hearing: why increase the sound is not enough".