New: Activate Brain Electronic Ear

Improve your listening skills with our new device

Stimulation for more advanced listening skills, exclusively in our premises!

The offer of home treatments is now completed with an offer of on-site treatments. Its vocation is twofold: for those who need it, to be able to start their first listening session without waiting. Or for more demanding treatments, for which the TalksUp device is not appropriate.

The Activate Brain Electronic Ear

More demanding treatments are possible with the new Activate Brain™ electronic ear

  • Stimulation after a stroke, especially if the audio-vocal loop is affected
  • Frequency stimulation for mild to moderately hearing impaired people.
  • Speech and voice disorders, such as stuttering.
  • Depression and burn-out.

Moreover, the team is at your disposal to accompany you, to install you and to answer your questions concerning the treatments and your potential problems.

In addition to the Tomatis method, here are the other therapies and treatments that we propose to do on site

  • The Giger MD for coordination problems, dysphasia, or to improve concentration.
  • The Activate Brain headset for children with a diagnosis of ADHD, with the goal of reducing psychostimulants.

To learn more about our therapies, you can contact us via the numbers posted on the contact page and at the bottom of the page.

If you are interested in starting an on-site program and treatment, you can make an appointment online