Is the Tomatis Method reimbursed by insurance companies?

The situation in Switzerland

Health insurers generally cover part of the treatment (up to 90%), provided that you have taken out supplementary insurance.

The treatment is not covered by the basic insurance (LaMAL).

Supplementary insurances covering all or part of the treatment, generally 80% (in Switzerland).

Assura, Atupri, AXA, Concordia, CSS, Groupe Mutuel, Helsana, EGK, Sanitas, Supra, Swica. For United Nations / ILO / International Organisation employees : UNIQA.

Our Tomatis centre managed by Julien Frère is approved for the ASCA and RME network under the number V192962, method 208.

Please note: not all Tomatis centres / Tomatis consultants are accredited. A treatment that is reimbursed at our centre will not necessarily be reimbursed elsewhere.

The situation in France

The Tomatis method is not covered by social security. Some mutual insurance companies may cover it, but this is quite rare. Ask your mutual insurance company for more information.

If I am not covered, what can I do?

Do you live in Switzerland? We'll put you in touch with our partner broker, who will optimize your insurance portfolio and ensure you benefit from the best possible complimentary insurance. What's more, the first year's complimentary insurance is free if you start a protocol with us.

Do you live in France? Or are you unable to take out complementary insurance? For more information, see this page Help for those who need it most