What are the most noticeable results of the Tomatis Method in children?

The Impact of Tomatis on Children: Parent Testimonials

The Tomatis Method has been shown to have a positive impact on children in a variety of areas, as reported by parents who have brought their children to our center for treatment.

One of the most commonly reported improvements is in the quality of the child's voice, both in spoken and sung form. Many parents have observed an improvement in their child's ability to concentrate, as well as an increase in comprehension and communication skills.

Reading, both oral and written expression, have also been noted to improve as a result of the Tomatis Method. Additionally, parents have reported that their children have shown an improvement in gestural skills, speed, punctuality, and rhythm following.

Moreover, Many parents have observed that their children have become more autonomous and have a more positive behavior, such as being more calm and open.

Here are some testimonials from parents who have brought their children to our center:

"My son struggled with reading and comprehension, but after just a few sessions at the Tomatis center, he was able to read with much greater ease and understanding. I am so grateful for the help that Tomatis has provided for him."

"My child was always very shy and had difficulty communicating with others. After several sessions at the Tomatis center, she is much more outgoing and able to express herself with greater ease."

It is important to note that the results may vary depending on the child, and the progress can be noticed after one or more listening sessions at the Tomatis center.