Testimonial of Gaspard's mother, who suffered from dyslexia, dysgraphy and attention problems

Testimonial of Gaspard's mother, who suffered from dyslexia, dysgraphy and attention problems

I came to the Centre Tomatis® Geneva in December 2018 with my 10-year-old son, Gaspard, who was suffering from problems with dyslexia, dysgraphy and attention.

We consulted Mr. frère because Gaspard finishes his primary schooling, which he did not very well because of the difficulties he encountered, and we wanted to provide him with help before he entered the cycle. As a result of poor relations with one of her teachers, his school difficulties became more pronounced because he lost a lot of confidence in him and his abilities. His father, who had followed the Tomatis method when he was a child, proposed that we try this parallel approach to work done with the logopedist who has been following him for several months.

The first listening session was a little difficult to follow because he was reluctant to wear the headset for some days, but the results were seen fairly quickly in terms of his behaviour. At home he was more cheerful and participated more to help us. School progress was not blatant, except in a dictation where he kept the words better, but Gaspard could see the progress he was making and it encouraged him to persevere.

The results after the second listening session have been spectacular! This second program was easier to put in place because it was much more voluntary to follow its program with regularity. Our relatives have noticed that his behaviour has changed a lot: he is more smiling, more open, he looks at people in the eyes when he speaks to them and really communicates differently. The changes to the writing are also visible, his letters are no longer written on each other and his texts are much more readable. For the first time he even managed to do a dictation without faults, which had never happened!

We have seen improvements in other areas, including his relationship to music. He now plays much more willingly from the guitar, no longer sees rehearsals as a chore and is less shy to play in public.

His progress has also been noted by his speech therapist. He is indeed much more attentive in the weekly sessions, and we think that this has a positive impact on the benefits he gets from them.

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