The testimonial of Theresa suffering from a hearing loss

Hearing loss could be improved

On 30 June 2017, I pushed the door of the Centre Tomatis in Geneva for a hearing problem. Indeed, for some time, I would say even for some time, my Entourage complained, saying to me: "go get your ears treated, you are deaf". Being 71 years old, I was refusing this diagnosis from my relatives. Admittedly, I was aware of a hearing loss related to my age, but I refused to be deaf, because for me deafness is a whole other problem.

I had a feeling of sailing, with echo or resonance, something not very clear in the ear. I couldn't hear myself talking and I was making a lot of effort to dialogue with others. It seemed to me that I spoke very loudly, as I spoke softly and I pitched the treble sounds to make me hear. I was very tired.

I could not hear some words or identify them at all. Simple words, especially the sounds ending with one or a year (eg Roman, I did not understand, while the treble sounds like for example Crest, I had no problem listening.

After having exposed my problem to Mr. Julien frère, he reassured me that I could not repeat the words or the sounds that my ear did not hear.  Phew! Finally a person who understood me.

After a hearing check performed by Mr Julien, the test revealed an imbalance between the two ears. 40% for the left ear and 11% for the right ear. After treatment, on September 6, the score went to 14% AG and 0% AD and on November 26th the score was 0% for both ears. To this day, I still have a 13-day listening session to finish the treatment.

In addition, I saw a clear improvement in reading aloud. When I was reading with my eyes, I had no problem, but when I was speaking it was a catastrophe. I dreaded all reading aloud, for my word did not follow, I flunked, I skinned certain words, in short, with humility I thought I did not know how to read. In fact some sounds, I did not hear them or bad. To my great surprise and satisfaction, I learned by this method to identify and especially to correct this anomaly that was chasing me since my earliest childhood. I can read aloud. 😀

I will never thank enough the person who indicated this method to regain a certain well-being of listening and speaking.

Certainly I do not veil my face, I have a hearing loss related to my age. But, I do not need for the moment to be paired, I hear the sounds more and more fine and above all I hear myself speak. I no longer have this sensation of hubbub in my ear, which tired me.

I particularly thank Mr Julien frère for his listening and understanding.


Best regards