What is the solution to stuttering?

Don't stutter anymore with our personalized rehab

A few words about stuttering

Stuttering is part of a group of neurological disorders such as developmental language disorder, dyslexia and speech sound disorders.

For some researchers, stuttering is caused by an instability of the speech neuromotor system due to poor connectivity between the different brain areas involved. The cause is not clearly established, it could be emotional and/or genetic. This is yet to be defined.

Discover our exclusive treatment

Our treatment uses a Giger MD rehabilitation device of which you can see a video below. This device has been proven to effectively compensate for these connectivity problems between the different brain areas involved in speech. As its designer says, the brain learns to do the same thing, but differently.

  • The principle of action is very simple, it is a question of putting in coordination the upper and the lower body, as well as the eyes, the ears and the voice.
  • The session lasts 20 minutes, during which you will be asked to pedal, do specific exercises on the screen and speak out loud.
  • This teaches the brain to coordinate the brain areas related to speech.
  • We offer a pack of 10 sessions that allows you to progress over a period of 2 to 3 months.
  • This treatment is covered by the basic insurance in Switzerland (LaMAL), or by your complementary alternative medicine insurance.

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