Testimonial of Anne, the mother of Archibald, 6 years old, with a developmental delay

See this kid improvement through a serie of drawings

Testimonial received on 24.5.2017

Archibald has a developmental delay, and in addition to the help he already receives, I decided to try the Tomatis method.

During his listening sessions, Archibald draws. I have noticed that as the days go by, his drawings have become richer, more complex, with subjects that I was not used to seeing him draw.

This is a great progress, I am very satisfied. I have allowed Mr. Frère to reproduce some of these drawings on his website, so that one can see his progress. I hope that they will encourage other mothers who have similar difficulties to mine.

Anne K., Geneva, Switzerland.

Here is the first drawing, the subject is very simple, a man.

Archibalds first drawing

The second drawing, after 3 days of listening, you can see some more details, he has started to write MA...

Archibalds second drawing

The third drawing, after 5 days of listening, he draws several subjects, with more colours.

Archibalds third drawing

The fourth drawing is in the middle of his second week of listening, with paint and rich colours.

Archibalds fourth drawing

The fifth drawing is among the last, and corresponds to the end of the treatment, i.e. day 13 of listening. The subject is complex, with much more detail.

Archibalds fifth drawing