The testimonial of Sarah, Myriam's sister (13 years old) with dyslexia and ADHD

ADHD can be managed with our method

Many of the requests we deal with at the centre are related to a child's attention and/or hyperactivity problem. Parents come to us because they are looking for an alternative to medication: Rιtaline or Conc∈rta. In general, we get good results, which allow them to get by without it.

Here is Sarah's testimonial that we are sharing with you today.

I discovered Mr. Frère's practice and the Tomatis method a few months ago. Just by learning about the benefits, one has only one desire: to try.

After the first session, I could see that Myriam was less anxious and much more at ease and she stopped her bad habit of biting her nails. At school level, I spent much less time on revision and above all there were results! More attentive at school, at home, pure happiness. And goodbye RιTALINE!

After the second session, her marks soared from an average of 3.8 to an average of 4.8 (the Swiss grading system goes from 0 to 6, editor's note). We were used to grades between 3 - 4, even though she had revised long and hard. Now her marks are between 5 - 6, and she revises in a reasonable way.

No more need for 3x2h per week of lessons with the tutor.

If there is a method that works, it is this one. Mr Frère and his assistant are charming people who listen to their students, it is a real pleasure. We recommend them!

Sarah S. Geneva, Switzerland. Received on 24.12.2016

The opinion of our consultant

After several years of practice, I notice that the problem is often the same. A child who disturbs the class, who gets agitated, who does not listen to instructions is quickly labelled as hyperactive with attention difficulties. The ADD/ADHD label is quickly applied, without a real diagnosis being made. The delays in getting an appointment for an examination by a neuropsychiatrist or a specialist are long, sometimes terribly long. But the child cannot continue to disrupt the class, which unfortunately ends with the child being put on Rιtaline*, Conc∈rta* or Medιkιnet*.

Not all children need this, sometimes a re-education with the Tomatis® method is enough. With all the "secondary benefits" that this brings. The child is not only calmer, he learns better, his cognitive abilities are improved, his desire to learn stimulated.

* We had to rewrite these terms in order to avoid Google's censorship.