The dangers of screens on children's development

Too much screens can affect children's development

Today, it is becoming increasingly difficult to avoid being confronted with screens. Phones, television and tablets are all part of our daily lives. But what about the children who grow up with them? What are the dangers of screens for them and their development?

This is the question that a student asked herself when she decided to come and talk to Julien Frère for her work.

We filmed this interview so that we could share it and warn parents and future parents about the dangers of screens by explaining why they pose a problem.

Indeed, our brain is divided into two parts. The right brain and the left brain. The right brain is more affective, associated more with the emotional. The left brain is more related to logical and rational reasoning.

Left brain vs. right brain
Left brain vs. right brain

When we are on screens, they stimulate our right brain to the detriment of our left brain. During the development of children, being systematically on screens leads to a dominance of the right brain over the left brain. Rather than finding a balance between the two brains, the right brain will take over.

On the other hand, when children are allowed to play with toys or read books that may be more or less interactive, this also stimulates the left brain, which will consolidate the latter and lead to a better balance for the future adult.

Moreover, games on screens, with their loud sounds and incessant images, increase the secretion of dopamine, making us addicted.

But such easy and constant secretion of dopamine makes us lose interest in other activities that require more patience to receive this dopamine reward.

This in turn leads to a decrease in our attention span as we become accustomed to having everything right away and constantly.

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  • The Giger MD for coordination problems, dysphasia, or to improve concentration.
  • The Activate Brain headset for children with a diagnosis of ADHD, with the goal of reducing psychostimulants.

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